Immersive Storytelling

for all senses

We need to change the world with literature
by changing literature itself.

AdrianFounder, Pomerium

makes literature

Long-form narrative has suffered at the hand of constant interruption. We read every day: statuses, captions, e-mails; but how much do we read for pleasure? Literature should be enjoyed daily, not reserved for holidays and illness.

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically, yet the medium has not. Entertainment of all forms competes for our attention, literature is not exempt. We binge-watch series, social-media updates give us glimpses into others’ lives and memes mock them. At the same time we’re both captivated and we’re numb. So what if we combine all forms of narrative to tell a different story?

in which to
lose oneself

Pomerium adapts literature to our lifestyles. Stories told however one likes to absorb: in digital or in physical form, in short bursts or the long haul. Each version as beautiful as the next, multi-sensory experiences that go beyond the page.

Our stories are the highest quality, with great attention to detail. No matter print, digital or experiential, we execute with perfection to entertain and inspire an audience.


Immersive Experiences

Life is nonlinear and stories should adapt to how we live it. We create fiction to suit the way we consume today, so that others’ stories will be heard and not relegated to dusty shelves.

Immersive storytelling is a blend of online and offline activity, real-world sensory experience and consumer goods with a story to tell.


Print Editions

Heritage is as important as innovation, and the preservation of print as an art form is imperative. Our print editions combine traditional handcraft with modern technology to provide the perfect collectible amalgam.

From our literary showcase to limited-edition runs of beautiful print, we create exemplary publications of quality writing.


Brand Studio

As readers return to long-form narratives, brands have multiple opportunities in which to make an impression. By investing in art, brands have access to new audiences and can obtain an unparalleled level of credibility through their involvement.

Pomerium combines literary expertise with brand marketing to act as a liaison between writers and their new-age patrons. Through partnerships we can create memorable narratives to tell enduring stories.