What is a ‘pomerium’?

When Romulus and Remus founded Rome on 21 April, 753 BC, they delineated the city with four stones, and thus defined its religious boundary, or its pomerium. In legal terms, Rome existed only within the boundary, everything beyond its pomerium was simply territory belonging to Rome. The same is of the City of London and Greater London today: all of London’s boroughs are governed from the Square Mile, which once had its own pomerium. Stories without boundaries, get it?

Who are you people?

We’re a small independent collective run by Adrian, Founder and Editor.

How do you make money?

We are self-funded and work with brands to finance our publications and productions. We’re profit for purpose so that we can fund further development of the arts.

How do writers make money?

Our mission is to give writers a fairer share of the profits from publishing activities. Presently, the industry standard for writers is to make only 10% of the cover price (plus advance) less agency fees (10-15%). We believe there’s another way to ensure those who create the content reap the benefits. Depending on the project we work with the writer to decide what’s fair, and our investment model means that we can offset the cost of production so publications are profitable from the moment of their creation.

Where can I buy your products?

Initially the best place to buy our products is via our website. Soon you will be able to buy them at selected retailers in the United Kingdom and internationally. Please visit our online store here.

I’m a writer with a story to tell. How can I submit my work?

We love to hear from writers and artists of all varieties. We will place open calls for submissions from time to time. Submit your work via our submissions page. You can read more about our submission policy here.

Why do you charge a reading fee?

As is standard with literary journals,  we charge a reading fee to fund our editorial team to make the best selection. As you can imagine, we receive a large volume of submissions of varying quality. We’re an independent publication and this is a significant operating cost.

I’m a brand with an idea for collaboration. How do I reach you?

We’d love to hear from you! Find out how to contact us here.

Where did you get all of your beautiful photography from?

It’s all from Unsplash. Special mention goes to photographers,  Caleb George, David Hofmann, Max OstrozhinskiyClem OnojeghuoPierre Châtel-Innocenti,  Francis CheungDmitri PopovLionello DelPiccoloPaul Wong, and Ronald Cuyan.