Bottle Humidifier Mini


The 11+ Bottle Humidifier Mini is a harmonious fusion of precision engineering with the prestige of 11+ design aesthetics. Everything down to the aluminum cap is refined meticulously to ensure that even the slightest detail is of the highest quality. The surface of the bottle has been elaborately constructed to look as transparent as possible and to feel as heavy as glass without the concern of cracking or shattering. The Bottle Humidifier Mini’s compact size is no way an indicator of its ability as a humidifier. Needing only a USB for power, the humidifier is powerful enough to supply sufficient humidity to any personal space, whether it be the bedroom, office or living room.

Materials: Aluminum, ABS
Dimension: Ø 83×157 mm
Weight: 100g
Operating Temperature: -5°C ~ 40°C
Power: Input1.5V, 500mA
Power Cable: USB A (1.5 m)
Power Consumption: 2.5 W
Humidifier Capacity: 25 ml / hr
Contents: Humidifier, Bottle, 2 Filters, Manual

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